How long Do hellboy betta fish Live The Answer Will Surprise You

How long Do hellboy betta fish Live The Answer Will Surprise You

So how Long Do hellboy betta fish Live?

It’s a common question that gets searched on the internet every single day, and if you are a new owner, or a possible future Betta enthusiast, then it’s a very important question.hellboy betta fish  The real answer is that more than likely a new hellboy betta fish that you have recently bought from the pet store will live to be about 6 – 12 months on average

In many cases Bettas don’t even live to be that long, so why is this?

Why The hellboy betta fish Life span Isn’t Very long

The first problem is that pet store owners and major store chains don’t take the time or have the hours to properly care for them. When a new pet owner walks in and buys a Betta Splenden for the first time, they aren’t going to know how to identify the trouble signs.

As a result, chances are that every 6 out of the 10 Bettas that you look at will have a disease, because of poor living conditions. When you get home with your hellboy betta fish for the first time, his health is already a ticking time bomb! Now, this isn’t always the case, but it happens a lot.

How to get Your hellboy betta fish To live A long time

A well informed Betta owner will know how to identify hellboy betta fish diseases that commonly affect them. They can go over their coloring, fins, behavior and tank conditions and decide which one is the healthiest.

This is the first start to having a Betta that lives to a ripe old age of maybe even 6 years! But the next big thing is for a new owner to understand how to keep a clean tank and keep bacterial and environmental diseases away.

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