Giant Betta Fish Breeding Instructions


Giant Betta Fish breeding only takes place when the right conditions are met. It must be done carefully in order to happen successfully. Make sure to have all the materials prior to beginning the Giant Betta Fish reproduction procedure.

Betta Mating equipment you’ll require:

A healthy male and female where to buy giant betta fish , both around 6-12 months old. A ten gallon or larger tank with oxygenator and possibly a heater, as well as a separate smaller tank as well as high quality Betta food.

It is vital to get the Bettas ready by providing them with high quality, rich Betta food. It’s crucial not to overfeed them – one or two times per day is plenty. You can feed them tubifex worms, which are excellent for them but can be unhealthy if you overfeed them. Make sure to check out this detailed post to Giant Betta Fish food.

For around four to ten days, set up the two fish Bettas in separate containers where they can see each other but are unable to swim together.

Next, prepare the ten gallon mating tank. It should be an empty bottomed tank, with no rocks or pebbles on the bottom. The perfect temperature is approximately 75-80 F, so depending on the conditions in your home, you may need to buy a small water heater. You’ll also require a water oxygenator. An oxygenator maintains clean water and is better for the newborns than a filter. Make sure to keep it shallow – about five inches of water will do. You can put a large leaf or foam piece in it to help the male Betta in generating his bubble nest.

Once the fish tank is set up and the fish have been watching each other, you are all set to make the first introduction. If the male is into it, he’ll twist his body, spread his fins and open up his gills. The male will start by preparing a bubble nest in the first two days after meeting the female Betta. If the male Betta hasn’t started preparing the bubble nest after three days, separate the Bettas and try again, first by giving them rich food again.

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