Feeling More Sensitive to the Consequences of My Choices.

I feel such tension because now I’m more sensitive to the results of my choices, how the world is initiated and how relationships are set up, and how sex is designed to be. Please help me to understand what is happening.

David Hoffmeister: Thanks for writing and sharing what’s in your heart. The desire for sex (and other ego appetites) falls away, usually gradually and progressively over time of mind training. Enable the Holy Spirit to Guide, and the mind unwinds from everything it believed in and pursued acim podcasts. Yet do not project awareness to where you believe you “want” it to be or “believe” it will be. Defenses are outgrown, as a young child outgrows toys that after seemed exciting and enjoyable. The focus is never on the form, but always on the mind training.

I once felt exactly the same tension and sensitivity you are speaking of, and my first steps in surrendering my entire life to the Holy Spirit was allowing all my emotions to freely arrive at the top of awareness with repressing them. This was intense, and yet with much mind training this eventually passed.

Take the time and inquire concerning this essential question: Where do I believe my safety lies? This whole world—everything that we perceive through the five senses—is made on unconscious fear. How can this be? By the ability of our mind. Your head simply can just only see what it believes, which explains why we must release false beliefs. In the end, the spiritual journey becomes exactly about facing this unconscious fear. Here is the transformation of the projected world into peace. Whenever we perceive something fearful, we could always allow ourselves to take the time to pause as opposed to react. By taking a moment to open our minds and invite Holy Spirit into our perception, we invite a miraculous shift in how we see things, and we could start to let go of habitual reacting and conditioned behaviors. We then start to open up to inspiration.

Showers of Forever Love,


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