Tips on Feeding Galaxy koi betta fish

Tips on Feeding Galaxy koi betta fish

Feeding Galaxy koi betta fish is an important task in betta care. Inappropriate betta feeding can cause harm to its health or may even result in its death. In order to keep it in good health, you need to know what it needs and how you should feed it. Below are some tips on feeding Galaxy koi betta fish
In order to ensure that your betta have adequate nutrition, koi galaxy plakat betta fish it is better to feed it with a variety of betta food. There is a great variety of live foods as well as prepared foods available at stores. You can select a few types of betta food to feed it. You need to vary the type of food to provide a balanced diet for it. Besides, this will also prevent it from getting used to a single type of betta food.

Bettas require a high protein diet. They mainly eat small animals which they can swallow whole or with only a few bites. Besides proteins, they need carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Proper feeding with the right betta food not only can help to make them strong, it can also enhance their colours.

If you are feeding a single betta, you can use one pellet, flake or live organism which is considered sufficient for one feeding. Fish is cold-blooded. While warm-blooded animals use food to produce body heat, cold-blooded animals do not. These creatures have lower calorie requirements. Many warm-blooded animals may starve to death if they go without food for a few days whereas most fishes can survive without food for more than a week.

It is important not to overstuff a betta with too much betta food in one feeding. This will cause its belly to bulge. This condition can sometimes be fatal. It is also advisable not to feed it too frequently without giving any breaks. This can result in the betta suffering from obesity or some forms of degenerative diseases. Bettas tend to eat as much as possible the amount of food given to it, hence, you need to exercise caution in feeding it with the appropriate quantity. If your betta shows no interest in eating when food is given, then most probably it has fallen sick. Unless the betta is spawning or tending a nest, there is no reason that it would not be attracted to food.

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