Planning Your Wedding Stationery A Printer’s Tale

Arranging your own wedding can be stressful at times and wedding stationery is probably one of the hardest areas to come to a decision on.

Expect to allocate between 5% – 10% of your total budget for stationery, so take your time and get it right!

While your Wedding Invitation is the centre piece of your stationery, you will be surprised at how many wedding stationery items there are, so try not to let things get too complicated.

Take time to step back and think about what you actually need now, it is easy to get snowed under with too much detail at the beginning.

Wedding Stationery Printers are usually asked four main questions when they are first approached and the first is
So, how do I plan my wedding stationery successfully?

In buying property, we are all told it is down to Location, Location, Location!

In planning, it is down to Communication, Communication, Communication!

Discuss your thoughts and ideas with your Wedding Stationery Printer.

Use his expertise, after all you are probably doing this for the first time, he advises people as part of his daily working life.

It is his job to work with you and adapt designs from your ideas and creations and to advise you on what is possible.

He should help you become familiar with the wedding stationery printing process and timescales involved, this will help you determine your needs in advance and avoid unnecessary costs.

Correspond either by email or phone regularly with him, to ensure that you get exactly what you set your heart on and that any small issues are dealt with swiftly wedding stationery sets, before they escalate into a major crisis.

Establish a good working relationship with your Wedding Stationery Printer and no difficulty is insurmountable

So what stationery do I need?

Typically, stationery for the average wedding consists of Save-the-Date Cards, Wedding Day Invitations, Wedding Evening Invitations, Reply Cards, Order of Service Cards and Thank You Cards, so concentrate your efforts on these first.

Other items such as Menu Cards, Table Place Cards, Table Plans, Wedding Favours etc. can be addressed later when you have decided on a theme for your stationery.

When calculating how many cards to buy, order about 25% more than the number of guests you’re inviting – you’re bound to make mistakes or make last minute additions and don’t forget to add the same amount of extra envelopes in case of errors in addressing.

What designs can I have on my stationery?

Wedding stationery can be bought in a choice of styles such as contemporary, classic, floral, layered, embossed and religious, to match the character of your wedding.

Many couples are going back to the traditional, formal look and featuring both sets of initials as monograms on the cards.

Wedding stationery is now available in a vast range of colours and designs, although stock stationery tends to be white or cream, traditionally the colour of your wedding dress.

You may decide to match the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses.
In this case, consider custom designs.

This Bespoke Stationery can be very reasonably priced, depending on the card type and printing options requested and is often overlooked on the grounds that it may be too expensive.

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