3 Basic Rules Regarding Exam Success

If you are supremely gifted or you enjoy infallible good luck, then the necessity to study for exams is absolutely vital. Studying for exams should already be an important part of one’s student life. It is not something you begin just a few weeks or even months before the event. But “how best to review?” you ask. Well here are a few useful pointers.


The organisation of one’s study ought to be paramount. You need to arrange to review somewhere where you may be relaxed, free of interruption and where you feel secure 2022 jamb expo. You need to ensure that you have use of the resources you will need i.e. desk, PC or laptop. Try to produce your personal ambience, or matrix, in that you feel happy working. Many students find that playing music at a fair volume helps them to concentrate; others prefer silence. You’ll need to find what best suits you.


Another essential ingredient for successful exam study is discipline. It will not be random or hit and miss. Planned times ought to be designated for study and you need to try to keep to these. There can be temptations for you, to do other activities which may seem infinitely preferable than needing to work, but you should try and resist these when they are offered. Should you choose need to miss a planned study session then have a contingency plan to make up for what’s been missed.


Finding information – You can find several ways to gain access to information be it via the web, books, magazines or articles or other styles of the written word. Course books which have been recommended by your tutors are needless to say fundamentally important, but examiners tend to respond positively to evidence and information gathered beyond these. Should you choose make mention of something you have read on the internet or in any written form it is important that you acknowledge it by referencing it. You must at all costs avoid plagiarism! Do not pretend the work of others is your own. You will invariably be found out.

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